Osprey's Garden

August 14, 2010

Osprey corn
: Peg Riemer
Summary Author: Peg Reimer; Jim Foster

Record setting rains soaked the Midwest U.S. this past July. Oshkosh, Wisconsin, for instance, received 10.92 inches (277 mm) in the first 27 days of the month compared with a normal 3.58 inches (91 mm). The old adage, "Make hay while the Sun shines" was a bit of a challenge for farmers raising forage crops. Nonetheless, some localized crops (see photo) did rather well under these extreme conditions. This osprey and its mate, nesting on a 60 foot (18 m) pole just north of the village of Scandinavia, Wisconsin, managed to not only raise two chicks but a modest corn crop too. Evidently, the mud and field detritus that they brought to build the nest in the spring had a few embedded corn kernels. Despite having only a mesh substrate and unfavorable weather, the corn seems to be doing nicely. Photo taken on August 3, 2010.