Hurst Spit

November 20, 2010


: Greg Parker; Greg’s website
Summary Author: Greg Parker

The photo above shows the two mile (3.2 km) long Hurst Spit on the Hampshire Coast of England, not far from Milford on Sea. This natural, gravel shingle spit was breached by huge storms in 1979 and again in 1989. It is now maintained as part of the U.K.’s coastal protection program. To the left of the spit are the Keyhaven salt marshes; a safe harbor for yachts and the overwintering site for thousands of geese. The land towards the back and the right of this panorama is part of the Isle of Wight. The sea to the right of the spit is known as the Solent, the particular name given to the strip of water sandwiched between the Isle of Wight and the U.K. coast. Hurst Castle can be seen near the end of the spit, on the marsh side, where it curves to the left. Just to the left of the castle is the white outline of the Hurst Point Lighthouse. Photo taken on November 11, 2010.