Egypt, Nile Delta and Sinai

September 29, 2000


Provided by: VisibleEarthMODIS / Jacques Descloitres
Summary authors & editors: Martin Ruzek

This spectacular scene was captured by the MODIS instrument aboard NASA's Terra spacecraft on February 28, 2000. The irrigated fields along the Nile River and delta stand out against the wind-swept sands of the Libyan Desert to the west and the darker volcanics and ancient sea floor of the Eastern Desert. Lake Nasser and the Aswan Dam are visible on the Nile near the bottom of the image. Near the top, the Sinai Peninsula parts the Gulf of Suez on the west and the Gulf of Aqaba on the east. Coral reefs are visible at the tip of the peninsula and entrance to the Gulf of Aqaba. The border between Egypt and Israel can be seen faintly as a color contrast extending southeastward from the Mediterranean Sea near the top of the image, with the Dead Sea in the upper right and salt evaporation basins as a pale green.

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