Cyclone Hits India

November 30, 2000


Provided by: NASA/GSFC
Summary authors & editors: Jim Foster

Though hurricane season officially ends in the Atlantic Ocean today, the Pacific and Indian Oceans are still active. Southeastern India was hit yesterday by Cyclone 03B. This full disk infrared image was taken over the eastern India Ocean by the weather satellite FY-2B. On this image, the brightest clouds are coldest, and thus generally the highest. Cyclone 03B, packing winds of about 80 miles per hour, is the small swirl of clouds at the left center of the image - it has just made landfall from the Bay of Bengal. Since this a nighttime infrared image, land features are not easily discernable. However, the boundary between the cold, snow covered Himalayan Mountains and the warmer Indian subcontinent can be easily identified. Also notice the larger swirl of clouds, Tropical storm Rumbia, at the right center of the image, just east of the Philippines.

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