Winter Precipitation Forecast

November 28, 2000


Provided by: NOAA
Summary authors & editors: Jim Foster

NOAA's Climate Prediction Center's (CPC) winter precipitation forecast for the US over the next three months (December, January and February) is shown above. While the eastern and south central US can be expected to receive above normal precipitation, most of Florida and the southwestern US will likely remain dry. Notice that for much of the US, climatology (CL) is listed. Because in these areas, the climate models used by the (CPC) do not show a preference for either above normal or below precipitation, weather patterns experienced in past decades are used as a guide for the current 90 day weather outlook. The official 90 day forecast is given once each month - near mid month. Looking at yesterday's temperature map and today's precipitation map, it appears that only southern New England and the northern Middle Atlantic states have a liklihood of having a snowy winter - at least according to the CDC's forecasts.

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