Arkansas Ice Storm

December 29, 2000


Provided by: Weather Underground
Summary authors & editors: Jim Foster

The worst ice storm in twenty years has hit parts of the central plains and Mississippi Valley areas this week. Ice up to an inch thick coated trees, roads and buildings in portions of Arkansas (shown above), Texas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. More than a dozen deaths and numerous injuries and automobile accidents have been attributed to this ice storm. The icy build up on tree limbs and wires have also caused widespread power outages. In Arkansas alone, 500,000 people lost power, and in 10 counties, electricity, water and phone services were completely out. Sleet and rain falling on ground having below freezing temperatures created a nightmare for commuters and travellers. The above photograph was taken yesterday morning (Thursday) near the peak of rush hour in Little Rock, Arkansas. Few drivers have ventured out to test the icy conditions.

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