London Snow

January 04, 2001


Provided by: BBC News
Summary authors & editors: Jim Foster

The photograph above shows Buckingham Palace in snow. An unusually heavy snowfall occurred last week over London as well as over much of the United Kingdom and Ireland. Although snow isn't rare in England, it's uncommon for more than an inch or two to accumulate on the ground. Some locations in Northern Ireland received nearly 18 inches of snow, and the temperature plummeted to near 0 degrees F! Portions of southern and western Scotland had to deal with as much as 15 inches of snow, and thus far, it has been the coldest winter in the last five years. Travel was widely disrupted across the British Isles, and several airports such as Gatwick, outside of London, were closed since workers weren't able to clear runways. Thick fog and rime ice also hampered ship and ferry navigation.

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