February 2001 Surface Temperature Anomalies

March 22, 2001


Provided by: National Climatic Data Center
Summary authors & editors: National Climatic Data Center

The blended satellite and in-situ temperature product above shows the presence of large temperature anomalies in several regions of the world in February. Much above average temperatures occurred across many land areas in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. The largest warm anomalies covered parts of Argentina, the Middle East, and southeastern Australia. Anomalies in these areas were greater than 4C (7.2F). Warm anomalies were also noted across central and southern Asia and the southeastern United States. In contrast, cold anomalies were noted across much of Siberia, northern Mongolia, northeast China, western Europe and central North America. Temperatures in many areas were more than 4 C (7.2F) below average. Media reports indicate that parts of northeast China and Mongolia experienced their coldest winter in decades.

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