August 17, 2001


Provided by: NASA/GSFC Landsat Program, NOAA
Summary authors & editors: Jim Foster

Chantal is this season's 4th tropical depression and 3rd named Atlantic storm. One of the first hits by a rock and roll "girl group" was a song called 'Maybe' by the Chantels. Maybe is an appropriate term for describing tropical storms. Maybe it'll mature into a hurricane, maybe it'll track to the northwest and maybe it'll make landfall. On the infrared satellite image above, Chantal is the brightly colored red blob to the lower right. Note that on this image, the highest clouds have the brightest colors. As of Thursday morning, Chantal was still in the open Atlantic - it was centered near 12.7 degrees north latitude and 52.6 degrees west longitude. Chantal is increasing in intensity, and tropical storm warnings have been issued for Barbados, St. Lucia and St. Vincent. By Saturday morning, Chantel is expected to reach hurricane status - maybe.

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