Storm Front by GOES and Radar

September 11, 2001


Provided by: Martin Ruzek, USRA, National Weather Service Doppler Radar, University of Wisconsin SSEC
Summary authors & editors: Martin Ruzek

A fast moving frontal system in the upper midwest was cause to watch the sky last week, with wind gusts predicted to reach 60 mph in the Green Bay area. By good fortune, the above GOES weather satellite image and the Green Bay radar image were acquired within one minute of each other - a teachable moment! The radar image was warped to overlay the GOES image which is a bit distorted due to the curvature of the Earth and the position of the satellite above the equator. The leading edge of the front has the most intense radar echo, and careful inspection of the GOES image confirms that this is also the location of the highest thunder cells of the front. In the end, the storm was a non-event on the ground with only minor wind and rain (at least at this observer's location ...)

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