Hanauma Beach Bay

October 17, 2001


Provided by: Dr. Stephen Leatherman
Summary authors & editors: Jim Foster

This photo shows Hanauma Bay Beach in Hawaii, number 15 on Dr. Steve Leatherman's top 20 beaches of the world for 2001. Dr. Leatherman, of the University of Miami, uses 50 criteria to rank the best US beaches, including, quality of the sand, number of sunny days, the presence of rip currents, and water temperature. Hanauma Bay is on the extreme southeast coast of the island of Oahui, as the crow flies, only about 10 miles from Honolulu. Even though the beach and boating season is coming to a close on the US mainland, in Hawaii, almost year-round, the surf is good, the water is warm and the scenery is hard to beat. Blue skies, a wide sandy beach, swaying palm trees and the turquoise waters of a secluded lagoon - un, un, uh!

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