2001 November Snow Cover

November 27, 2001


Provided by: NOAA
Summary authors & editors: Jim Foster

This map shows snow cover over the Northern Hemisphere on November 25 as observed from visible and near infrared sensors on the NOAA series of satellites. The snowline over North America is currently north of the average November snowline and quite a bit north of last year's location. It's now located approximately 200 hundred miles south of the Arctic Circle (60 degrees north latitude) in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Typically, at the end of November, snow covers nearly all of Canada, north of 50 degrees north latitude. The sea ice cover (turquoise color) in Hudson Bay is also less than what's normally expected in late November. In contrast, for Eurasia, the snow extent is presently greater than the long-term average. For example, over the Russian steppes, the snowline is less than 200 miles from the Black Sea - several hundred miles south of its normal location for late November.

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