December Snow Cover

December 24, 2001


Provided by: NOAA
Summary authors & editors: Jim Foster

It doesn't look like it'll be a White Christmas this year for much of the US. However, this map is from last Thursday (December 20), so maybe the snow cover will begin to fill in a bit. Last year, a good portion of the US enjoyed a White Christmas, including cities such as Washington, D. C. and St. Louis, MO. Whereas last November and December was unusually cold over the lower 48 states, this November and December, the temperatures across the eastern US have been abnormally warm. It'll likely be one of the warmest December's ever recorded in the New England and the Middle Atlantic States. If you're looking forward to a White Christmas this season, your best bet is to head to the mountainous western states, which have been cold and snowy the past several weeks. The Northern Plains and northern portions of New England will also likely have snow on the ground on Christmas morning.

While ice covers the shallower large lakes in Canada, Hudson Bay is currently only partially ice covered, and the Great Lakes have no ice at all.

Hope you enjoy the Holidays!

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