International Eclipse Observations

December 03, 2001

Provided by: Eduardo Ribeiro, Saber Anvari
Summary authors & editors: Martin Ruzek


Watching the moon pass in front of the sun can bring people together from around the world. The upper image comes from the August 11, 1999 eclipse as observed by Saber Anvari in Isfahan, Iran. The lower image comes from a mountaintop eclipse party, submitted by Eduardo Ribeiro, observing the eclipse of June 21, 2001 from Joinville, Brazil with the local astronomy club. On December 14 of this year, observers from the central Pacific to Central America will be able to catch an annular eclipse, occuring when the disk of the moon is is not quite big enough to completely cover the sun. Most of the western US will see at least a partial eclipse that day. The next total eclipse to watch for is more than a year away - December 4, 2002 - and will pass from southern Africa to Australia.

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