Viedma Glacier

January 11, 2002


Provided by: NASA Earth Observatory
Summary author: Jim Foster

This image shows the Viedma Glacier flowing into Lake Viedma in Los Glaciares National Park, in the Patagonia region of Argentina. It was taken during the recent Space Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM). Next to Antarctica and Greenland, this park in the Andes Mountains contains the world's largest ice field - it's 4 times larger than the Alps. The various colors correspond to different elevations. Lake Viedma is light blue (lower right), and the glacier appears brown, tan and chocolate on this rendition. At the top of the image, just to the right of the glacier, is the 11,073 ft (3,375 m) high Mount Fitzroy, one of the most difficult mountains to climb in the world.

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