Geography Heart Quiz

February 14, 2002


Provided by:, NASA
Summary authors & editors: Jim Foster

This Landsat image was taken in April of 2001. North is toward the top. Can you identify the heart-shaped, blue-blooded lake at the upper left? Here are a couple of hints.

- It's split in two but not by Cupid.
- It has a saintly name but not Valentine - think chocolate treat without the "e."
- To its west lies a soulful city.
- To its south, this lake is being drained by a river with the same name into a body of water that sounds kind of spooky. The answer is below.

It's Lake St. Clair. This lake forms part of the border between Michigan and Ontario. The St. Clair River flows from Lake Huron (off the image), through Lake St. Clair, and into Lake Erie. Detroit can be seen at the lower left of Lake St. Clair.

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