Salt Lake City Olympic Venues

February 15, 2002


Provided by: Scientific Visualization Studio at NASA/GSFC
Summary authors & editors: Jim Foster

This unique perspective of Salt Lake City was produced using computer technology and Landsat-7 satellite imagery. The colored pins show the location of various Olympic venues. North is toward the top. The Great Salt Lake is at the upper left, and the Wasatch Mountains are at the top of this winter-time image. Salt Lake International Airport can be seen about half way between the yellow pin and the Great Salt Lake.

Features as small as fifteen meters across can be identified on this image. Surfaces have been exaggerated vertically by a factor of six in order to more clearly show their contours.

The green pin points to the speed skating oval, the yellow pin shows the location of the venue for ice hockey, the orange pin is the figure skating arena, the purple pin (shadowing the orange pin) points to the Olympic Medals Plaza, and the red pin shows Olympic Stadium.

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