US Snow Cover Map

February 26, 2002


Provided by: NOAA
Summary authors & editors: Jim Foster

The position of the snowline on the map above (made on February 24) is further north than is normal for this time of year. It's very unusual for eastern North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota to be snow free in late February. Although snow has fallen recently in Wisconsin and Minnesota, the upper Mid West has been unusally mild, as has most of the eastern US. Because of insufficient snow cover, Minnesota's Sled Dog Marathon was postponed from early February until early next week - providing adequate snow cover exists for the sleds. Most of the snow in the US has been confined to the Rocky Mountains this winter season. Fortunately, there was plenty of snow in Utah the for the Winter Olympics. In addition, there has been enough snow and cold weather in Colorado for a major scientific experiment, currently underway, concerned with better estimating the snow depth and the snow water equivalent of mountainous snowpacks (Cold Lands Experiment). Note that very little ice covers any of the Great Lakes.

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