Far East Dust

March 22, 2002


Provided by: NASA/GSFC, ORBIMAGE, SeaWiFS Project
Summary authors & editors: Jim Foster

Dust from the Gobi Desert region of eastern Asia has filled the sky this past week. On this SeaWiFS image, taken March 18, dust can be seen streaming eastward across southeastern Russia, Korea, China, and Japan. A particulary vigorous stream is obvious over northern Korea and the Sea of Japan. The dust is being partly entrained by a low pressure system and is clearly visible hundreds of miles east of Japan. It has now made it's way to North America. In addition, ash from the eruption of Mount Oyama, south of Tokyo, is mixing with the dust - clouds and dust make the eruption difficult to detect on this image.

Note also the snow cover, at the top of the page, over eastern Siberia.

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