Crater of Mount St. Helens

July 23, 2002

Sthelenshood copy

Referred by: Frederick Marlowe
Summary authors & editors: Frederick Marlowe; Jim Foster

The photo above shows the north crater face of Mount St. Helens, looking south with Mount Hood, Oregon in the distance. This picture was captured on an unusually clear March day from a Cessna aircraft. Note the lava dome in the center of the picture, which is now approximately 920 feet (297 m) high, and the deep late-winter snowpack covering all but the steepest slopes. The crater was a cauldron of steam and molten rock 22 years ago but is now sufficiently cool to permit snow to accumulate. Mount Hood (11,240 ft or 3,626 m) has been dormant since 1907. See also the picture of the day for May 17, 2002.

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