Distorted Lenticular Cloud

July 02, 2002

Phaseb_003_3 copy

Provided by: Chris Grohusko, Photographer
Summary authors & editors: Chris Grohusko; Jim Foster

It's always nice to have a camera handy so as to be able to catch on film unusual clouds such as the one above, which shows what appears to be a lenticular cloud with severe distortions. Since a telephoto lens was used to capture this wave cloud, the altocumulus clouds in the background look farther away than they actually were. The photo was taken at approximately 30 minutes before sunset in November 2001, near El Paso, Texas. 100ASA film was used for this shot, and the direction of the lenticular cloud is toward the north-northeast. This photo illustrates the interesting paint-work that can often be observed when looking at the sky. In this case, the background is delicately-colored while the foreground is bold. To some people this cloud sculpture looks a bit like Woody Woodpecker.

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