Parallel Perspectives

July 17, 2002

Anti_crepuscular_rays2321 copy

Provided and copyright by: Becky Ramotowski
Summary authors & editors: Becky Ramotowski

Things are not always as they appear. The above image is a perfect example of perspective effect illusions. The pink anticrepuscular rays converging in the east at the antisolar point at sundown are actually parallel to each other. The posts on the front porch of the building on the left appear to get shorter at the end of the porch, but we know the porch would not be standing upright if the posts were of unequal height. Anticrepuscular rays are an interesting twilight phenomena seen when sunlight finds gaps in clouds, as is the case on the photo above, or more rarely, between mountain peaks.

For other photos of anticrepuscular rays see the Earth Science Picture of the Day for October 13, 2000 and March 18, 2002.

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