Too Close For Comfort

July 30, 2002


Provided by: Shannon L. Story, StoryLine Ink
Summary authors & editors: Shannon L. Story

Lightning is one of nature's most awesome and beautiful displays, but it's also the second deadliest weather-related killer (flooding is number one). With that in mind, I took these pictures of a thunderstorm last summer from the safety of my house. Using a tripod, I pointed the camera three feet from a window and took a series of photos of this remarkable lightning display. I've never seen so much lightning at one time - most of it seemed to be striking in one place.

The largest picture in the lightning montage was the last picture I took. Less than 1/4 mile away, it was too close for comfort! You can see that the lightning hit a telephone pole and some of the discharge traveled across the wires! This was no feat of photo expertise. I took the photo by accident when the crack of thunder scared the whits out of me, causing my finger to jerk the cable release button.

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