Etna Eruption of October 27

October 31, 2002


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    Summary authors & editors: Jim Foster; Norman Kuring

    Mt. Etna, Europe's highest volcano at 10,900 ft (3,516 m) and one of the world's most well known and well studied volcanoes, erupted this past Sunday (October 27). On the above SeaWiFS satellite image, taken on Monday October 28, it appears that the "boot" of Italy is kicking Sicily, thereby triggering the earthquakes that initiated Mt. Etna's most recent eruption. This image is taken from the perspective of looking across the Mediterranean Sea, toward the west - Albania and Greece are beneath Italy's "heel." The red arrows show the ash plume from the eruption moving to the south. According to eyewitness reports, at least two lava flows were observed streaming down the Etna's flanks on Monday, October 28. The lava toppled some ski resort facilities and power lines, but thus far has not reached any of the several towns and villages, which lie all too close to the flanks of Mt. Etna.

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