Exotic Halos

October 29, 2002


Referred by: Michael Ellestad
Summary authors & editors: Michael Ellestad

I have been observing halos for a few years now and have been waiting to see an odd radius halo display that forms from pyramidal ice. On May 7, 2002, I glanced up and saw a 22 degree halo with another halo inside of it. I got my camera, and for a two and a half hour period was able to observe several exotic halos having unusual radii and, in addition, an 18 degree parhelia. The photo above shows a 9 degree halo closest to the Sun, and an 18 degree halo with 18 degree parhelia (brightenings on either side of Sun - hard to see on photo). The outer-most halo may be the common 22 degree halo or a combination of 22, 23 and 24 degree halos. Other photos I took during this display indicated the presence of 20 degree and 35 degree halos.

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