Lili and Kyle

October 03, 2002


Provided by: Hank Brandli
Summary authors & editors: Jim Foster

Lili and Kyle are both seen on this early morning NOAA-15 visible satellite image taken yesterday, October 2. While Kyle has been floundering in the Atlantic Ocean for several days, never quite attaining hurricane status, his kissing cousin, Lili, is poised to strike somewhere near Louisiana - not far from where Isidore hit last week. Note that because the Sun was up over the eastern Atlantic when this photo was acquired, Kyle is fully illuminated, but Lili appears to be slumbering. Her dark mood bodes ill for residents along the Louisiana Gulf coast. She's now a category 4 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale (winds over 130 miles per hour or 210 km per hour) and the most powerful hurricane of the year.

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