Marbled Sun

October 01, 2002


Provided by: Steele Hill
Summary authors & editors: Steele Hill; GLOBE at Night

Solar eruptions and magnetic fields are not usually associated with artistic inspiration, but a NASA project is using these phenomena to give people a creative awareness of the Sun's volatile nature. Over the past several months, Steele Hill, an image and video specialist at Goddard Space Flight Center, has selected images from various Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) instruments and transformed them into imaginative portraits of solar activity. For example, the above multi-hued image of the Sun is a composite of 3 different extreme ultraviolet imagers, acquired from SOHO. Ultraviolet images of the Sun can be useful to scientists in helping to understand solar density and velocity fields at different temperatures. In recent months, SOHO images have not only been featured on the cover of traditional scientific publications but also on the cover of rock albums and on skateboards as well.

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