November 08, 2002


Provided by: Cathy Schultz
Summary authors & editors: Cathy Schultz; Jim Foster

"Sleep peaceful, my child, for the Watchers are watching."

Throughout history and in many myths, the Moon has been portrayed as a "watcher" over the Earth. She glides across the night sky, ever vigilant as the Sun rests and people sleep. The watchtower shown above, near the southern rim of the Grand Canyon, is a recreation of the ancient Anasazi watchtowers. It stands tall and proud of its heritage as a lookout to guard the Native American people. On this photo, taken in early September 2002, the "watchers" are pictured together - the Moon's phase is a waning crescent. This picture was taken with a Sony Cybershot 2.1 Camera, without filters or digital enhancement.

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