Chances for a White Christmas

December 24, 2002


Provided by: NOAA
Summary authors & editors: Jim Foster

It's December the 24th, and many people are longing to be up north to see some snow. Again this year, that's where you'll likely have to go to experience a White Christmas. According to the map above, while 27 states are partially snow covered as of December 22, only two states, North Dakota and Minnesota, are completely snow covered. However, there's a bit more snow now than this time last year, when much of the northern plains were snow free. While chances of a White Christmas look grim for most US residents, about 90% of Canada is snow covered. The current snow cover extent in North America is fairly close to the long term average for late December. A storm system is forecast to track northeastward along the Atlantic seaboard this afternoon and on Christmas Day, but alas, it looks like most of the major urban areas will have a wet Christmas rather than a White Christmas.

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