February Snow Cover for North America

February 12, 2003


Provided by:

  • NOAA
    Summary authors & editors: Jim Foster

    On the day the above map was made, February 10, 2003, all but 5 states had at least a little snow cover. Only the southeastern quadrant of the US was snow free. In fact, portions of more than 30 states received an inch of more of fresh snow on the 10th. While the west and especially the southwest has been rather toasty for most of the winter, much of the eastern US and the Mid West has experienced both below normal temperatures and above normal snowfall. For example, in the Middle Atlantic area, it's the snowiest winter since 1996-96 and the coldest since 1993-94. Notice that the shallowest of the Great Lakes, Lake Erie, is nearly completely ice covered (only the surface is frozen), which means that its lake effect snow engine has been somewhat stalled - less moisture available to make snow.

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