Sunrise Over Skagit River

February 04, 2003

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Provided and copyright by: Wade Clark, Jr.
Summary authors & editors: Jim Foster; Wade Clark, Jr.

How would you like to have the view above while commuting to work? This photo was taken over the Skagit River, near Lyman, Washington on the morning of January 17, 2003. The silhouetted mountain against the reddened pre-dawn sky, and its reflection in the water, would surely make your drive to work more soothing. Note the wavy accents above the mountain. These perhaps result from mid-level jet stream winds moving through the altocumulus cloud deck. Altocumulus clouds typically form between about 3 and 5 km above the surface (10,000 - 16,000 ft). The waves may be related to jet streaks, particularly fast moving lanes of air within the jet stream.

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