Frozen Forest

March 19, 2003

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Provided by: Gosia Fonberg
Summary authors & editors: Gosia Fonberg

This photo shows the rising Sun backlighting deciduous trees covered with ice from a weekend ice storm. The picture was taken about 8:20 a.m., and the temperature was about 15 degrees F (-10 C). A cold front passing through Vermont caused a sharp drop from the temperatures of the previous two days, which had been above freezing. The trees are a mixture of young maple, and ash. Incidentally, this picture was taken adjacent to a corridor of maple trees that are tapped for sugar harvesting. The maple syrup harvest won't be affected by the ice storm. Cold nights and warm sunny days in late winter and early spring are essential ingredients for a good maple syrup harvest - the forecast for this year's harvest looks pretty good as of now.

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