Ontario Ice Storm

March 18, 2003


Provided by: Mike Tudor
Summary authors & editors: Jim Foster; Mike Tudor

The above photo shows the aftermath of an ice storm that occurred near Bath, Ontario. There were 3 parts to the system that resulted in this glaze event. The first day of the storm consisted of 10-20 mm (0.4-0.8 in.) of freezing rain, and on the following day, there was a 10 cm (4 in.) snowfall. On the third day, the day this picture was captured, it was extremely cold and clear with temperature in the -20's C (below zero degrees F). When rain freezes on contact with the surface, it's referred to as freezing rain or glaze. These storms can be tremendously damaging since ice can accumulate on nearly every surface of a tree limb, for instance, creating loads that the branch can't bear.

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