Promises of Spring

March 20, 2003


Referred by: Lauri Kangas
Summary authors & editors: Lauri Kangas

Multiple suns sparkle through glistening icicles as the warmth of the increasingly strong March Sun signals an end to winter. On this photo, the icicles are quickly melting, and the snow from the boughs of the conifir has already disappeared. The invigorating radiance of the Sun as it shines on your face is a spiritual recharge after an unusually long, cold and snowy Canadian winter (this photo was taken in Caledon, Ontario). Now birds are fluttering around the busy feeders, and a large flock of Robins lands nearby. Gregarious crows can be seen collecting nesting material as they build their nest in a distant tree. This is a most welcome sign that Spring is finally here.

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