Pyroclastic Flows on Ischia

March 31, 2003


Provided by: Drew Patrick, Fox Lane High School
Summary authors & editors: Drew Patrick; Martin Ruzek

This pyroclastic flow deposit is located in Poseidon's Gardens, near Citara on the island of Ischia, Italy. Ischia, just off the coast from Naples and notorious Mt. Vesuvius, is dominated by Mt. Epomeo. This deposit indicates the violent nature of pyroclastic flows and the turbulence and deformation possible within these volcanic features. These soft volcanic layers were deposited about 10,000 years ago and deformed as the flow slid down the side of the mountain, or possibly as the soft sediments were covered by a more viscous lava flow during the same eruption. Poseidon's Gardens is a day spa that takes advantage of a fairly shallow magma chamber that still heats the groundwater to over 90 degrees C. This water is pumped and piped throughout the spa, providing a series of pools of varying temperatures.

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