Crescent Moon and Earthshine

May 15, 2003


Provided and copyright by: Tom Teters, The Galctic WareHouse
Summary authors & editors: Jim Foster; Tom Teters

This gorgeous photo was taken on November 16, 2001, just before the Leonid Meteor Storm. The waxing crescent Moon was less than 2 days old (2 days past the "new" phase) when the picture was taken. Lunar craters and maria are evident due to earthshine -- the reflection of the Earth's light onto the portion of the Moon not illuminated by the Sun. Note the silhouette of the Rocky Mountains, between Loveland and Ft. Collins, Colorado (50 miles or 80 km west of the photographer's location), at the bottom of the photo. The photo was taken using a Pentax MX 35 mm camera, connected to a Stellarvue AT1010 80mm, f/5.0 refractor, exposing Kodak Portra 800 film for 4 seconds. Don't forget to look for tonight's total lunar eclipse, and hope for clear skies.

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