Harpers Ferry

May 05, 2003


Provided by: Karen Houk
Summary authors & editors: Jim Foster; Karen Houk

The above photo shows the town of Harpers Ferry, West Virginia and the confluence of the Potomac River (right) and the Shenandoah River (top). It was taken from Maryland Heights, Maryland. Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland come together at this picturesque confluence. The Shenandoah River forms the boundary between Virginia and West Virginia (at Harpers Ferry), and the Potomac River separates Maryland from both Virginia and West Virginia. Located about 40 miles (64 km) northwest of Washington D.C., Harpers Ferry is where abolitionist John Brown was captured in 1859 by Marines under the command of Army Colonel Robert E. Lee. Three years later, during the Civil War, then Confederate General Robert E. Lee seized the town and its arsenal as he marched toward Maryland. The scenic Appalachian Trail runs through Harpers Ferry and along the ridge from where this photo was taken.

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