Studying Malaria in Colombia

May 28, 2003


Provided by: German Poveda, Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Summary authors & editors: German Poveda; Martin Ruzek

This photograph is part of a series from our field study site in Nuqui, along the Pacific coast of Colombia, where malaria exhibits very high transmission rates. The photo shows field personnel while recording hydrological, physical and chemical characteristics of mosquito breeding sites (transient and permanent ones). Over 180,000 cases of malaria were diagnosed in Colombia in 1997. Our research aims to better understand the linkages between climate variability and malaria outbreaks in endemic and epidemic regions of Colombia, in particular those outbreaks during El Nino/Southern Oscillation events. Results from this research will allow us to develop control and mitigation plans for the disease in Colombia, at both annual and interannual timescales.

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