Wall Cloud Over Saskatchewan

May 27, 2003

Wall_cloud copy

Provided by: Marcia Green
Summary authors & editors: Marcia Green

The photo composite above shows an impressive wall cloud as it approached Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Fortunately, only light to moderate damage occurred in the northern neighborhoods of the city. A funnel descended from this wall cloud but did not touch down. However, rapidly circulating air was seen between the ground and the bottom of the funnel.

Tornadoes are not uncommon in the Canadian Prairies, but due to the widely dispersed population, fatalities and severe damage are rare. There have been three notable tornadoes in the past century that have caused considerable death and destruction: 1912 in Regina, Saskatchewan (current population - 225,000) - 23 dead; 1987 in Edmonton, Alberta (current population - 1 million)- 27 dead; 2000 in Pine Lake, Alberta (holiday resort) - 12 dead.

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