Blended Image of Rock Outcrop

June 01, 2003


Provided by: Jerome Bellian
Summary author: Jerome Bellian

The location of the rock outcrop pictured above is in Victorio Canyon, Texas, just south of Guadalupe Mountains National Park. The color part of the image was scanned from a Pentax medium format print and digitally matched with a 3-D laser scan acquired by an Optech ILRIS 3-D lidar (light detection and ranging) scanner. When the photograph was blended with the 3-D laser model, (the black and white image) the result was a spatially correct 3-D photograph that enables geologists to quantitatively examine the ordered layering of strata directly from the 3-D model. This is especially important when trying to relate geology we observe on the surface of the Earth to that which we cannot observe directly in the subsurface.

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