Halo Complex Above Belgium

August 12, 2003


Provided by: Jean-Marie Maillard
Summary authors & editors: Jean-Marie Maillard; Monique Servais

The above photo was taken during the late afternoon on July 9, 2003 above Waremme, Belgium and shows a most impressive halo complex. Visible among the cirrus clouds are bright parhelia (sundogs) on either side of the Sun, a more discreet tangent arc (above the Sun) and a graceful circumzenith arc (top of photo). The parhelia and tangent arcs are 22 degrees away from the Sun, which has been purposely obscured by the conifer in the fore-ground. While a display such as this is relatively rare, halos and arcs are common phenomena. In order to observe them, just make an effort to look at the sky now and then.

Technical data: 20mm Nikon wide-angle (extreme) lens using Fuji Superia 200 film.

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