Vermont Village and Northern Lights

December 26, 2003

Church copy

Provided and copyright by: Loyd Wesley
Summary authors & editors: Jim Foster; Loyd Wesley

The photo above shows a filament of the northern lights suspended above the lovely village of Lyndon Center, Vermont. It was taken on October 30, 2003 during the impressive geomagnetic storm that resulted in views of the aurora far more equatorward than normal. If it's clear tonight, why not take a look at the night sky? Since the crescent Moon dips below the western horizon a couple of hours after sunset, it's light won't interfere when trying to glimpse the northern lights. Anyway, Venus also shimmers in the west now (not far from the Moon), and it's always worth a look. If you have a brand new telescope or binoculars, the crescent Moon and the "evening star" are both great targets.

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