Sedona Moonrise

February 07, 2004

Sedona_moon copy

Provided and copyright by: Hernando Cardenas, Falcon Technology Services
Summary authors & editors: Jim Foster

The above photo shows the waxing gibbous Moon rising over the jagged topography near Sedona, Arizona. It was taken in the early afternoon during June of last year. The town of Sedona is located in central Arizona and is surrounded by the Coconino National Forest. Sedona's main attraction is its famed red sandstone hills and cliffs. Geologists believe that the inspiring scenery first took form perhaps 300 million years ago, when shallow ocean waters receded, leaving exposed layers of sandstone and limestone. Over the eons, water and wind carved these rocks into the splendid and distinctive landscapes, which greet the approximately 4 million tourist that visit Sedona each year.

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