Lake Waikaremoana

March 03, 2004


Provided and copyright by: Rupert Applin
Summary authors & editors: Rupert Applin

Lake Waikaremoana was created only 2,200 years ago (approximately) by a massive rock and earth landslide, which blocked a narrow gorge along the Waikaretaheke River. Water backed up behind this natural dam to form a lake up to 248 metres (814 ft) deep. Another landslide, around 18,000 years ago, formed the nearby lake Lake Waikareiti. Thick sandstone and some limestone bands form tilted escarpments such as the Panekiri Bluffs, seen on the far side of the lake in this picture. Lake Waikaremoana is located in the Te Urewera National Park on New Zealand's North Island.

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