Sixty Meter Hill

March 08, 2004

Sixty_meter_hill copy

Provided and copyright by: P. Riemer
Summary authors & editors: Jim Foster; P. Riemer

The people of Iola, Wisconsin know how to enjoy winter. Ski jumpers taking off from these 60 m, 40 m and 20 m jumps (197 ft, 131 ft, and 66 ft, respectively) land on the west-facing slope of this natural bowl. Though the highest point in Wisconsin is but 595 m or 1,952 ft (Timm's Hill,), glaciers gouged much of the landscape across what is now the Badger State, creating pronounced relief in places, despite the modest elevations. On this fine February morning (photo was taken on February 6, 2004), the temperature was climbing toward about -7 C (20 F) after bottoming out at -18 C (0 F) near dawn. Iola is located in central Wisconsin, about 112 km (70 miles) west of Green Bay.

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