Delicate Sunset Colors

May 01, 2004


Referred by: Russell Massey
Summary authors & editors: Peg Staudenmaier; Russell Massey

This delicately colored winter sunset was captured near Two Rivers, Wisconsin (on Lake Michigan) in January of this year. Weather and cloud patterns along the lake front can change quite quickly. Notice that on this photo, there's more than one type of cumulus clouds present, and the difference in the thickness of the cloud layers is demonstrated by the Sun's rays. The cirrocumulus "sweeps" appear to be below the fluffs of stratocumulus, but they actually form at a higher altitude -- the thinner cirrocumulus clouds are fully illuminated by the Sun, but only the bottom of the stratocumulus layer reflects the sunlight. See also the Earth Science Picture of the Day for April 4, 2004.

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