Cumulus Mediocris Clouds

June 15, 2004

Cu-med-280703 copy

Provided and copyright by: Thierry Lombry
Summary authors & editors: Jim Foster; Thierry Lombry

The above streets of cumulus mediocris clouds were captured as they developed over Luxembourg one day last summer. Puffy, bright tops and flat, darkened bottoms are signatures of this type of cumulus cloud, which often forms during warm, humid afternoons when the air aloft is rather cool, but a "strong" Sun warms up the surface. Cumulus mediocris (medium) clouds typically have limited vertical development, and the base is similar in width to the cloud height. Mediocris is the transition cloud between cumulus humilis and cumulus congestus.

Photo details: Canon Powershot, S30 digicam, 50 ISO, automatic mode.

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