Shadow of Earth at Twilight

July 01, 2004

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Provided and copyright by: Laurent Laveder, Optics of the Atmosphere Gallery
Summary authors & editors: Jim Foster; Laurent Laveder

The panorama above showing the approaching edge of night was taken on June 15 from Bénodet, Bretagne, France. Earlier this day, the sky was a cobalt blue color, a signature of good sky quality and excellent visibility. About 15 minutes after sunset, the Earth's shadow (the Belt of Venus) was easily discerned, arising slowly in the east (opposite of the Sun). The Belt of Venus is the pinkish strip atop the deep blue-gray band along the horizon. Notice also the inclination of the Earth's shadow -- it's highest above the far left side of Bénodet Bay.

Photo Details: DC Camedia 5060, 27 mm focal lens, 1/20 s, 80 ISO, 6 exposures stitched together.

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