Girona Analemma

September 06, 2004


Provided and copyright by: Juan Carlos Casado, SKYLOOK
Summary authors & editors: Juan Carlos Casado

The photo composite above shows a solar analemma for Girona, Spain. This image has the peculiarity of being a mixed photographic and digital product. To photograph the Sun, a Nikon 35 mm photographic camera with a 35 mm lens was used. The camera was placed on a support and was oriented in the same position. To filter the solar light, and to photograph the solar disk, a nº 14 welder filter was employed.

The exposures were acquired every 7 days at 09:15 Universal Time (UT), beginning on March 9, 2003 and ending on March 7, 2004 -- a total of 53 solar images. If the weather was poor, a photograph of the following day or the previous day was used. The best quality picture of each session was scanned and mounted digitally on the same image using references of the visible horizon. For the background image, Cape Creus National Park (Girona, Spain) was used. The world renowned artist Salvador Dalí defined this place as "a grandiose geologic delirium."

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