Tatras Mountains

September 13, 2004


Provided and copyright by: Rick Stankiewicz
Summary authors & editors: Rick Stankiewicz

The Tatras form the central, highest and most beautiful section of the Carpathian mountain range. The main Tatra ridge runs from west to east, about 51.5 kilometers. In width, this whole chain is barely 15 km. It occupies an area of about 795 sq. km. The sharp, granite peaks owe their shape to glaciers, which shaped the Tatras many thousands of years ago.

The Tatras are the only mountains of alpine type in Central Europe. The Tatras' ridge is the southern international border between Poland and Slovakia. In this view, Poland is to the left side of the ridge and Slovakia is to the right. Most of the Tatras are on the Slovakian side, with the Polish Tatras being just 1/5 of the whole. The image here depicts the view from about 1987m looking east along the main ridge. This can be accessed by cable car from the Polish village of Zakopane (zak-o-PAN-e) . The highest peak in the distance is over 2300m in elevation.

The whole Polish Tatras have constituted the Tatra National Park since the1950’s. They are covered by special regulations governing the behaviour of tourist in order to preserve the original fauna and flora of the area. There are lots of hiking trails and in the winter, this area is a skiing Mecca.

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